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Data Meeting w/Teachers
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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At Berrien Elementary School the focus is student achievement.  To maximize student achievement for all students, teachers will be meeting monthly throughout the year to analyze student data with the guidance of the Instructional Coaches, Gail Melton and Shae Shepard, as well as the principal, Belinda West.  One of the goals of the first meeting was to identify students who may be behind in certain areas of the curriculum.  Students were identified using nationally normed universal screeners and beginning of the year benchmarks for comparisons.  Once students were identified,  teachers, instructional coaches, and Mrs. West determined interventions to be implemented so that these students receive the support needed to be successful with the curriculum at their grade level.  As the year progresses students will be progress monitored and the extra support will be removed or additional support will be added as needed according to the common data collected and analyzed on each student.  We believe that by working as a team to fill in the gaps for each individual student we strengthen the school as  a whole.  Every child has strengths and we strive to offer the support they need to achieve to their maximum potential at school.

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