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Breakfast & Lunch Menu

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Breakfast Menu

September 26th-September 30th

Monday September 26th:  Honey Bun and Yogurt or Cereal, or Poptart, Fresh Banana, Fruit Juice

Tuesday September 27th:  Scrambled Eggs with Sausage and Croissant, OR Cereal with Honey Grahams, OR PopTart, Fresh Oranges, Fruit Juice

Wednesday September 28th:Breakfast Pizza OR Cereal with Proball OR PopTart, Fresh Apple Slices, Fruit Juice

Thursday September 29th: Maple Mini Pancakes and Sausage Link OR Cereal with Honey Grahams OR PopTart, Fruit Juice, Fresh Banana

Friday September 30th:  Sausage Biscuit OR Cereal with Proball OR PopTart, Fruit Juice, Fresh Grapes


Lunch Menu

     September 26th-September 30th

Monday September 26th: Fish Sticks or Taco Quesadillo, or Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Vegetables, Nibblet Corn, Red Beans and Rice, Fresh Oranges, Rice Krispie Treat

Tuesday September 27th: Bar B Que Pork w/Breadstick or Chicken Alfredo, or Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Vegetables, Stemed Broccoli, Steamed Carrots, Rainbow Applesauce, Candy Cookie 

Wednesday September 28th: Chicken Breast w/Breadstick or Hot Dog on a Bun, or Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Cole Slaw, French Fries, Fresh Apple Slices, Dragon Punch  

Thursday September 29th: Nachos w/Ground or Italian Spaghetti, or Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Mini Tortilla Chips, Cheese Sauce, Vegetables, Salsa, Southern Green beans, Fresh Grapes, Choc. Chip Cookie, Wango Mango Juice

Friday September 30th: Giorgio's 5" Cheese or Steak Sandwich, or Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Vegetables, Tossed Salad, Mixed Fruit, Nibblet Corn, Pizza Dipping Sauce, Grape Juice, Frozen Juice Bar