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Breakfast & Lunch Menu

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Breakfast Menu

October 24th-October 28th

Monday October 24th: Honey Bun w/ Yogurt or Cereal, or PopTarts, Fresh Banana, Fruit Juice 

Tuesday October 25th  Croissant w/Sausage and Scrambled Eggs or Cereal WG Honey Grahams, or PopTarts, Fresh Oranges, Fruit Juice

Wednesday October 26th:Breakfast Pizza OR Cereal with Proball OR PopTart, Fresh Apple Slices, Fruit Juice

Thursday October 27th: Maple Mini Waffles and Sausage Link OR Cereal with Honey Grahams OR PopTart, Fruit Juice, Fresh Banana

Friday October 28th:  Sausage Biscuit OR Cereal with Proball OR PopTart, Fruit Juice, Fresh Grapes


Lunch Menu

     October 24th-October 28th

Monday October 24th: Fish Sticks or Sloppy Joe w/Bun, Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Vegetables, Nibblet Corn, Beans and Rice, Fresh Oranges, Rice Krispie Treat

Tuesday October 25th: Bar B Que w/Breadstick or Chicken Alfredo, Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Vegetables, Stemed broccoli, Stemed Carrots, Applesauce, Candy Cookie

Wednesday October 26th: Chicken Brest w/Breadstick or Hot Dog on a Bun, or Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, French Fries, Cole Slaw, Vegetables, Fresh Apples, Dragon Punch 

Thursday October 27th: Nachos w/Gro or Italian Spaghetti, Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Mini Tortilla Chips, Chesse Sauce, Salsa, Southern Green beans, Fresh Grapes, Cho. Chip Cookie, Wango Mango Juice 

Friday October 28th: Giorgios Chesse or Steak Sandwich, Sack Lunch or Salad Plate, Vegetables, Tossed salad, Nibblet corn, Pizza Dipping Sauce, Mixed Fruit, Grape Juice, Frozen Juice Bar