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•  Rebel Rampage Day - 5th Grade
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3rd Grade Third Nine Weeks Good Citizenship

Mrs. Baldree's Parent Involvement Day!   
Parents enjoyed Mrs. Baldree's 5th grade science projects.  The students worked hard and had fun making a mini science fair...

Mrs. Shepards 5th Grade class experiment   
Mrs. Shepard's class was conducting an experiment in which the students were working together to mix prescribed amounts of unidentified...

Mrs.Fountain's Gummi Bear Science Experiment   
Mrs. Fountain's 5th grade students were investigating the physical and chemical changes of matter through an experiment with...

Mrs. Croteau's Explorers Projects   
Mrs. Croteau’s fourth grade students at Berrien Elementary School have been studying and researching the Early Explorers....

Mrs. Sheila Rice's class   
Mrs. Sheila Rice's room has been busy learning about our government and its levels and branches. Making a government "tree" with...

Mrs. Nash's class   
Student’s in Mrs. Nash’s third grade class at Berrien Elementary enjoyed the hands on lesson in science while investigating...

Ms. Hurd's Science classes   
Ms. Hurd’s Science class completed a lesson about floods. Each group had to come up with a skit, play, or song and include...

Mrs. Reinhardt's Native American projects   
Fourth grade students in Ms. Reinhardt's social studies class at Berrien Elementary School have been exploring how early Native...

Moon Phases   
Moon Phases Oreo Task Mrs. Sellers’ fourth grade students at Berrien Elementary School have been studying about the Moon...

Multiplication with SMART Response Clickers   
Multiplication of Whole Numbers SMART Response Clickers Task Mrs. Sellers’ fourth grade students at Berrien Elementary...

Dr. Shehane   
Solar System

Island Hop   
Island Hop - Students created a number line from 0-100 using chalk on the parking lot in order to practice place value and rounding...

Parent Portal   
The Parent Portal is where you will find information about your child's homeroom teacher, and check on grades daily, attendance,...